Grapevine Newsletter
MY FIRST TIME, Gregory Leifel

"……………   Now I'm sitting in a seat and Jennifer Munro, who I've never met, sits next to me. I love this woman's telling and she turns out to be very friendly. She asks me what kind of stories I tell. She tells me she's nervous, too. Of course I'm nervous about telling, but I'm also nervous about sitting next to Jennifer Munro, as she's one of the biggies. Her stories are often long and complex and her delivery mesmerizes me. I'm beginning to get real frightened, overwhelmed with the fact that Jennifer Munro is such an experienced teller and this is my first time, and then Jennifer kind of elbows me. She points to the program and to my little bio. She tells me I left out the best part about myself, about how it says I have a published novel. Her genuine interest in the subject relaxes me again as we talk. What a great lady."

Syd Lieberman, Storyteller

“It isn’t often that I laugh and cry during the same story, but Jennifer’s tales take me on that emotional roller coaster.  She carefully crafts her pieces so that her English childhood is fully realized.  A good storyteller should move you emotionally and be able to transport you to another time and place.  Jennifer’s stories do just that.”

Kevin Cowell and Jeff Lawson, 7th Grade, Orland Junior High, Illinois

"Our favorite story was the one about the knights where they jiggled her big, long, green, cold, wet, straggly, chunky snot. That was divine description."

Eric Micklo, Suburban Prairie Conference Literary Festival, Illinois

"Ms. Munro is a storyteller who is in touch with her audience; she consistently made references that teenagers appreciated, as well as appealing to the teachers and administrators in the audience. Her personal stories are timeless, and they ranged from very touching to hilarious."

John Hansen, teacher at Daniel Hand High School

"Hi Jennifer –

You have probably received many messages regarding your “keynote address.”  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the story.  It was so funny, so incredibly well-delivered, and entirely unexpected.  Year after year, whether here in Madison or in New Haven where I have previously taught, we have to endure “inspirational” speeches that do not inspire.  We have to hear about statistics, objectives, goals, standards, life-long learners, global economies, assessment pieces, etc, etc.   We heard none of that with the tale of Miss Turner.  Thanks so much for making the “welcome back” day bearable, even enjoyable.  Have a great year!"

Kerri Melino, parent in Madison, Connecticut

"Dear Mrs.Munro -

I had the absolute privilege of attending the breakfast at Hand this morning.  The highlight of the entire morning was listening to your story.  I sat back in my seat mesmerized by your every word.  The only disappointment for me was when you finished.   You captivated every person in that room .  You took me back to England with you and I feel like I know Ms. Turner and could certainly identify her by her bosom.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  My afternoon at Brown Middle School was spent discussing how lucky the students of Madison are to have you in the English Dept.  I was quick to add how lucky we were to have our son spend an entire year under your wing.  It is our hope that our daughter will be as lucky to have you next year in 8th grade.   As I sat in the auditorium this morning I was so proud, not only to be a paraprofessional at Brown, but to be surrounded by such gifted teachers who will be "the" difference in my children's lives.

Thank-you for what you do and for being so good at it !!"

Jennifer Munro

The spoken word has always held for me a fascination.  Raised in a society where children were seen but never heard, I had little choice but to develop the all important skills of listening and watching.  Gathered about the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon, I loved to listen to the adults exchange the gossip and tales that was the warp and weft that bound our close knit family together.  Quietly, I stored these images and memories of the colorful characters who populated my life.  When the time was right, they spilled out onto the page and into the air where for me, and I hope for my audience, they spring to life again and again.  And so, I continue to watch, to listen, and to store the images and sounds of life – for this is where the stories live.